The Comfort Zone

Welcome to the Comfort Zone! Each of the titles listed below are linked to information packed acticle written by Geary Pacific's own Maury Tiernan. Maury's 29 plus years of heating and cooling experience is now available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



No. 00 The End Result is not a Coincidence
No. 01 How Does Low Site Voltage Affect an HVAC System?
No. 02 What Size HVAC Unit on a Standard 12 x 60?
No. 03 Which Thermostat Do I Use?
No. 04 How Does Altitude Affect HVAC Units?
No. 05 Ampacity vs. Amperage... Are They the Same?
No. 06 How Important are the Registers & Grilles to the Occupant?
No. 07 What is the Correct Application for an Economizer?
No. 08 Location, Location, Location...
No. 09 Indoor Air Quality
No. 10 To Filter, or Not to Filter... Shouldn't Even Be a Question
No. 11 What Does it Cost to Heat with Gas vs. Electricity?
No. 12 24 Deg C, WOW Thats Makes it Really...
No. 13 Is It Music to Your Ears or Just Noise?
No. 14 The People Load
No. 15 Sensible, Latent, and Total Btuh... Huh?
No. 16 A Modular HVAC Sizing Challenge
No. 17 Are Gas-Fired Products Affected by Altitude?
No. 18 Why Do Heat Pumps Require Auxiliary Heat Strips?
No. 20 Is a Ducted Return Important?
No. 21 Are They Worth It?
No. 22 Location of the Supply Register and Return Grille
No. 23 Three Phase Power and Scroll Compressors
No. 24 Is Proper Ventilation the Answer?
No. 25 Heating and Cooling Restrooms?
No. 26 One Electrical Circuit or Two?
No. 27 Heat Pumps Drip in the Winter
No. 28 Air Filters for Filtration, and Ultra Violet Lights For Air Purification
No. 29 HVAC Zoning for Occupant Comfort
No. 30 The Function of HVAC Control Options
No. 31 Two or More HVAC Units, One Thermostat
No. 33 Clearances Around HVAC Units for Proper Operation and Service
No. 34 HVAC & Educational Facilities / Part 1 of 3
No. 35 HVAC & Educational Facilities / Part 2 of 3
No. 36 HVAC & Educational Facilities / Part 3 of 3
No. 37 Comfort: A Classroom in Not an Office
No. 38 What SMACNA Standards Mean to the Installer
No. 39 HVAC Warranty, Installation, and Maintenance Paperwork
No. 40 Sizing and use of Generators on HVAC Units
No. 41 Can HVAC Unit Heat Strips be Changed in the Field?
No. 42 What is an Air Balance?
No. 43 Ventilation Control Options
No. 44 Relocatables and Wall Mount HVAC
No. 45 What is S.E.E.R.?
No. 46 What is the H.S.P.F. of a Heat Pump?
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